Brainy-Bee began as a space for allowing students of all levels to feel comfortable in grasping difficult concepts. We recognise that not all students will be able to acquire all the concepts that is being taught at a formal schooling level. Therefore, a space is needed where additional assistance can be provided to these students. At Brainy-Bee we look to fill these unresolved gaps in learning so that these early difficulties does not diminish the ability of the student to learn difficult concepts as they progress to higher levels of formal education. Brainy-Bee started with past teachers, students and education experts designing a curriculum that can cater to students of all educational abilities.


Our core goals are:

  1.  BUILD a solid foundation for learning difficult concepts
  2.  RAISE the confidence of students
  3.  ASSIST and encourage students to persevere through problems
  4.  INSPIRE young students to learn and explore new ideas
  5.  NURTURE students in a comfortable and resourceful learning environment
  6.  YIELD excellent outcomes


At Brainy-Bee, we’re excited by individuals wanting to join our team. We are always on the search for motivated and talented individuals who share our values in providing high quality education for young people. We offer a wide range of job opportunities from Teaching to IT Support roles on Casual, Part-time and Full time basis. If you’re someone who is passionate about fairer education for all in the community then send a copy of your resume to info@brainybee.com.au and we’ll look to contact you as soon as a role becomes available.

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